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Reduce your electricity bills with solar & battery storage

With the energy and climate crisis at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to invest in Solar Panels and Batteries for your home.

Our solar PV and battery storage solutions offer both short-term and long-term benefits to your energy bills and to your carbon footprint.


Our team of experienced technicians are ready to help you start your journey today.

3kW Solar
fully installed from
One World Energy O
3kW Solar Panel
  • 405W black mono panels

  • Hybrid inverter

  • Scaffolding included

  • Free advice and technical support

  • No VAT to pay

5.2kWh GivEnergy Battery
fully installed from
One World Energy O
5.2kWh GiveEnergy Battery
  • Hybrid inverter

  • Free advice and technical support

  • No VAT to pay

Combo Deal
3kW Solar + 5.2kWh Battery
One World Energy O
3kW Solar + 5.2kWh Battery
3kW Solar + 5.2kWh Battery
  • 5-7 year payback

  • Scaffolding included

  • Free advice and technical support

  • No VAT to pay

  • Hybrid inverter

Solar Panels Installation

A shift towards energy independence.

Generate your own electricity with our Solar Panels.

How do
Solar Panels work?

Powered by the Sun


Solar panels work by converting energy from the sun into electricity. 

Sunlight is absorbed by semiconductor materials within the solar panel, which causes the electrons in the materials to generate an electric current.


This current is then channelled into your house to power your home. Surplus energy that you generate can also be sold back to the Grid under a government initiative called the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Solar Payback
Solar Payback

Based on a typical UK household, we have assumed:

  • 4kW system (10 solar panels) 

  • 30° south-facing roof slope

  • Annual usage of 4,800 kWh 

  • Annual bill saving of up to £510

  • Annual SEG payment income of £404

  • Total projected annual saving of £914 
That would equate to a 6.5 year payback & a profit in excess of £19k over a 30 year life-span*

*Based on an electricity rate of 35p/kWh, Jul’23 E-ON SEG tariff & an efficiency decrease of 0.5% per year.

Is my home suitable for Solar Panels?
Solar Panels Shading

The performance of your Solar PV system will be negatively effected by partial or full shading from buildings or trees. It is also important to keep the panels dirt free to improve the amount of energy created. 

Solar Panels Clear Roof
Clear Roof

Solar panels can be installed either horizontally and/or vertically to fit around chimneys/ roof lights and vents. Planning Permission may need to be sought for Listed Properties, in Conservation Areas.

Solar Panels Direction of your Property
Direction of your Property

Solar panels work best facing south. They capture the solar energy from dawn until dusk. However if your property faces East or West you can split the number of solar panels and place on both sides of the roof to maximise the solar energy captured.

Intelligent Home Batteries

Store with

GivEnergy App
GivEnergy Battery Storage

One World Energy use exclusively AWARD WINNING British owned Energy Storage manufacture GivEnergy. 


One of the biggest selling points of the GivEnergy battery range, is it’s suitability for charging from Economy 7 energy tariffs such as Octopus Go, and smart tariffs such as Agile Octopus.

This means your home energy storage system can charge from cheaper rates of electricity during off-peak hours, to provide you with extra savings.

The GivEnergy Monitoring Platform


The GivEnergy monitoring platform and apps offer one of the most advanced and powerful platforms. For full monitoring control, remote firmware upgrades, and site-specific settings. This allows your system to be easily serviced, and is supported by a UK technical team also.

works with
Battery Storage Options
Giv-Bat 5.2
Giv-Bat 5.2

The 5.2kWh battery pack is our most versatile battery and can be installed in a wider range of locations due to its compact design and can either be wall mounted or floor stood.

Giv-Bat 8.2
Giv-Bat 8.2

The 8.2kWh battery pack sits alongside our AC Coupled or Hybrid Inverter so that you can store energy from the grid or excess generation.

Giv-Bat 9.5
Giv-Bat 9.5

The 9.5kWh battery pack is our bestselling batterypack and offers a very competitive cost/kWh.

Solar Battery

Save more with a Solar Battery

Adding a Battery to your solar array increases output by up to 40%

Solar Battery
What is a Solar Battery?

Solar batteries, or solar power storage, allows you to store the electricity you have generated from your solar panels, to use on demand later. You can also top-up your battery during the night, taking advantage of cheaper night-time tariffs.


Opting for a solar battery system is the best way to maximise your energy potential: increasing your use of renewable energy and utilising the power you generate to decrease your reliance on the grid. 

Our dedicated team of solar & battery-storage experts can help you choose the right power storage solution for your needs.

Find out how much you can save now.

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