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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pump - Daikin

Get an Air Source Heat Pump with One World Energy


Reduce your carbon footprint with an air source heat pump. We've partnered up with 0800 Repair who are a tier 1 MCS certified installer.


We are using Dakin Heat pumps which are well renowned for their quality, reliability and after sales care.

0800 Repair & Daikin-'the best fitting the best!'


You could be eligible for Government Grants (BUS) of up to £7,500.

Following an initial survey and arrangements to complete a heat pump install, the following procedure will be relevant to most installations.


  • Any existing heating and hot water system will be decommissioned and removed.

  • All existing heating pipework will be renewed. 

  • New radiators will be fitted in place of existing radiators.

  • A new hot water storage cylinder will be installed and connected to the system

  • The heat pump outdoor unit will be situated in a suitable location,

  • An additional consumer unit will be installed where required to accommodate the electrics for the heat pump system.

  • Upon completion of the installation, the system will be commissioned and tested to ensure correct operation. All necessary controls and use of the system will be explained during this process.

The Installation Process

Is an Air Source Heat Pump the right option for me?

Most homes are suitable for a heat pump. However, some updates to the property might be required to make sure the heat pump works effectively, such as updates to insulation, changes to radiators or even to the piping.

Our installers will never install a heat pump that won't keep your home comfortably warm. So you can have trust you're getting the best installation for your home.

Wherever you live in Great Britain, you'll be able to apply for government grants to manage the costs. With these included, the costs below for installing an air source heat pump can be as little as  £1,495 –Surveyed & Installed within 4 weeks. 

Air Source Heat Pump Engineer Daikin
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