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Defining the Future of Energy.

The Smart Hub


Prices of electricity have become more volatile due to the onboarding of renewables like wind and solar onto the grid.


We have developed a revolutionary piece of technology called the Smart Hub which can now take advantage of price instability to bring greater savings to your business.


The Smart Hub is an energy management system that works together with on-site batteries to intelligently buy and store electricity from the wholesale market-thus reducing your business energy costs.

The Smart Hub is tailored towards SME's who have suffered from lack of government support during the energy crisis. our solutions can also come fully financed to reduce expenditure for your company.


Contact us today to hear more about how we can help your business.

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Battery Tech

& Heat Pumps


The decarbonisation of heat is one of the biggest challenges we face to combat climate change. Air Source Heat Pumps are part of the solution to move towards a sustainable future.


Air Source Heat Pumps are a fantastic way we can heat our homes without using gas, as they are up to 3 times more efficient than a typical gas boiler. The key to unlocking the full saving potential is to access the cheapest electricity rates as you reduce your reliance on gas.

Here at OWE we have developed batteries to be placed in sequence alongside Air Source Heat Pumps, thus you can capitalise on cheap night-time electricity tariffs from your energy supplier and ensure you maximise savings.

Smart Grid -

South Africa


Our parent company Smart Grid SA is currently developing a smart grid system in rural South Africa in partnership with Innovate UK.

The consortium of people working on the project include some of the top professors in the field of energy & electronics from Kings College London & Pretoria University, developing ground-breaking tech to help embed electrification into rural areas. 

Insight into this overseas project combined with our local expertise, ensures we stay at the forefront of innovation and helps us to deliver our ambition of becoming leaders in energy management innovation. 

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