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Smart Hub - Commercial - Save Money and Decarbonise

'Smart Hub'

Helping business' to save money and decarbonise

Here at One World Energy, we have developed a ground-breaking product called the 'Smart Hub'. 


At the forefront of innovation, the ‘Smart Hub’ works together with onsite commercial battery storage, allowing small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) access to cheaper, greener electricity to supplement their existing energy supply.


The ‘Smart Hub’ can also allow SME’s to participate in a mechanism called Demand Side Response (DSR). This is where power from onsite batteries is sold back to the grid during peak times.

How it works


  • Firstly, we install commercial onsite batteries to your premises.

  • Then we add the 'Smart Hub' to control the batteries and draw down the cheapest & greenest energy.

  • The 'Smart Hub' can switch to supplying the Grid during peak times to create extra revenue for your business (DSR).

  • We share data with your business, to help optimise your energy consumption.

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